New Services Advertised!

I’ve been considering advertising for helping out small businesses with social media marketing and other services that are often hard for these business to keep track of…because when you run a business you are extremely busy running your business!

I’m going to break one of my most sacred blog rules and post the clip directly from the advertisement I put up. Don’t judge me 🙂 I’m working hard on more designs! There is no price list, as these services can be combined, but if popular I will create packages for ease of clients.

———-See Below

If you have a budding small business you know how hectic it can be to stay on top of marketing. You’re busy running your business, let me worry about getting your name out there! Whether you are just starting out with your entrepreneurial dream or established, I can help you spend more time in your business and less in front of the computer. Even better; I not only have the time to devote to helping your business succeed, but also am flexible to work on either an as needed basis or as a long-term helper.

Not sure if your business could use online marketing, design services, or a bit of virtual assistant work? To name a few, here are some great examples of who could profit from my help:

-:-Lawn Care
-:-Pet Services
-:-Car Detailing
-:-Bars and Clubs
-:Realtors & Landlords
-:-Clubs & Organizations
-:-Online Sellers using sites such as Etsy

If you need help getting found, taking your advertising materials to the next level, or just handling payment reminders to your clients I would love to work with you!

Online Services:

-:-Apply SEO and SEM techniques -helping your business show up in search engines better.
-:-Social Media Management -building a relationship and presence with your clients through Facebook, Twitter, and blogs is a must these days!
-:-Writing blog posts for your new items, services, or events with the option of full blog maintenance.
-:-You probably have a web site already, but is it optimized for your customers? I’ll review it and suggest changes.
-:-Graphics for social media pages, blogs, Etsy sites, and more.


-:- I will design flyers, business cards, brochures and more.

Virtual Assistant:

-:-Sending payment reminders to clients via e-mail.
-:-Giving e-mail reminders or calls for service appointments.
-:-Answering inquiry emails.

Need another service? All you have to do is ask! I can do any or all of these services based on your needs, for however long you require. Please send me a message so we can discuss what you need and provide you with a price quote.


Freebies for your iPhone!

Don’t you just hate boring backgrounds on your phone? I know I do! Consequently, I make all of mine. There are millions of free backgrounds out there, but I’ve noticed that often they have low resolutions, are not optimized for how they’ll appear on your screen, or are…well, boring. I think there are probably a million backgrounds out there with water falls, nude silhouettes  and puppies. Most of the time these backgrounds are just images shrunk down to fit on your iPhone, not much wow factor there!

Since I make my own I thought I’d do some free ones for my favorite people in the world: my blog readers, customers, friends, and family! 

These backgrounds are optimized for your iPhone’s size, resolution, and how they will appear on either (or both) your lock screen or home screen. They are also unique, just like you! They come from vintage books, post cards, and my mind. 

If you don’t have an iPhone I apologize! I like to test my work, and I have an iPhone. Nothing personal, no iPhone snobbery, I swear! If you would like to use these backgrounds on your device, please let me know and I will resize them accordingly…for free for the next month! After that, I ask only one dollar per background resize 🙂 I have to feed my zoo you know! 

I love doing custom work, so please don’t hesitate to contact me to make you your very own image for your device. It’s only five dollars! If that seems a lot please consider that it is personalized for you and your device, you get mock ups to approve, and higher quality backgrounds often cost close to that. 

Enjoy these free backgrounds! Be sure you pick the correct size for your phone, which will be labeled of course. They are in full size, all you have to do is right click and save! 

First, we have whimsical, happy owl! He was designed for home screens, and may be best for people with many app icons. He appears to pop right up from the bottom of your screen. 

iPhone 5 Owl

Owl for iPhone 5

Owl for iPhone 3,4,4S

Owl for iPhone 3,4,4S

Next is an octopus. Yep! He was painstakingly lifted from a vintage dictionary, repaired as needed, and combined with some awesome antique damask. If you want to be trendy with an edge you may want to go with this guy as octopi are very “in” right now! He was designed for your lock screen, but would be happy to live anywhere. (He is gracing my phone right now!) 

Elegant Octo for iPhone 5

Elegant Octo for iPhone 5

Elegant Octo for iPhone 3,4,4S

Elegant Octo for iPhone 3,4,4S

Then we have the typography swallow! Inspired by both “paper graffiti” and a Victorian postcard featuring a swallow diving, this is a rare bird indeed. Filled with words and phrases representative of birds. Designed for, and looks best on, lock screen. 

Typography Swallow iPhone 5

Typography Swallow iPhone 5

Typography Swallow iPhone 3-4S

Typography Swallow iPhone 3-4S

Lastly, for the moment anyway, we have a Victorian card print of a bird among flowers-edited, of course. This one looks great on both lock screen and home screen. 

Spring Bird iPhone 5

Spring Bird iPhone 5


Spring Bird iPhone 3-4S

Spring Bird iPhone 3-4S

These images are for YOUR PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please do share with your friends, but no commercial distribution, editing, or claiming them to be your own work. That is theft. Period.

You can follow FFD on Facebook and Twitter, and buy jewelry on Etsy! Check out the Graphics Pricing page too. Thank you, and remember…sharing is caring 😉 

Mardi Gras 2013 Catalogue!

This newest catalogue focuses entirely on New Orleans themed pieces, from photo pendant necklaces to a vivacious necklace composed of vintage glass Mardi Gras beads and a shiny Fleur de Lis. 

Click the photo below to begin looking through the catalogue, and once there simply click on any item you like to go directly to its page at the FFD Etsy shop. The catalogue has its very own page, set to display in a new tab on your browser, don’t be worried!
FFD Mardi Gras 2013 Catalogue

Click me to see the catalogue!


Check out the other great items on Etsy while you’re there, and be on the look out for the glass tile pendants! They will be featured in the spring catalogue soon…if they are not all gone before then of course. 🙂 Mention that you visited the Fenris Fiasco Designs blog and saw this catalogue for a special discount!

Thank you, as always, for looking and following what’s up here at Fenris Fiasco Designs! 

My Experiment-Sucess!

I recently had the opportunity to purchase some glass tiles to use for pendants…after much thought I figured out how I wished to use them. All that was left was trial and error. I’m happy to say that there was little error involved!

Here is the first glass tile pendant, featuring an angled photo of Saint Louis Cathedral in the French Quarter. I think the glass combined with the angle makes it reminiscent of the works of a certain beloved New Orleanian artist!



The back of the pendant is attractive too!

I will be adding this to Etsy this weekend, but for anyone wishing to purchase before then simply contact me. The price for the pendant alone is $20, and there are custom stringing options as always!

Pendants & Carnival Catalogue

The New Orleans themed picture pendants have certainly been popular! The peacock styled pendant is all ready on its way to Oregon.

With Carnival Season gearing up here in New Orleans (Mardi Gras) I’m working on a catalogue for this special time of year featuring the picture pendants and various jewelry with fleur de lis drops. The catalogue looks to be completed during this weekend, and all items within added to Etsy. If New Orleans and fleur de lis don’t grab you, be sure you check out the store as I’ll be adding some other new items as well!

Here’s a look at some of the complete pendants, and a preview of the amethyst strung necklace with an open fleur de lis drop.





New Pendants!

These are so new that they haven’t been added to Etsy! I like to give followers here, on Facebook, and Twitter a chance to preview and purchase new items. Here’s a chance!

These pendants are small pictures of New Orleans and Louisiana scenery captured within metal pendants in different finishes. They are sold with a ball chain, or may be upgraded to a custom combination of semi precious stones, or other beads/stones, for additional cost. The chains are matching, and are not pictured in the preview shot.

I will post better individual shots within the next day 🙂

The final pendant is peacock themed, and it has already stirred a lot of interest!



To purchase any of these ahead of their being added to simply contact me via email: or send a message via Facebook or Twitter.

All necklaces are $20.00 USD each, shipping included!

Fall Catalogue

The first catalogue, for fall of 2012 is finally ready! It features a variety of handmade jewelry, and even pet collar charms, with a fall theme in mind. Take a look! Simply click the “View at Etsy” link to go directly the item’s page.

What I’m up to

Right now, I’m arguing with wordpress…as it refuses to update the new page about my Zazzle products. I’m also redoing said Zazzle store, installing a blog panel of items, creating the Cafe Press products page, and redoing the official site.

That does not mean I’m too busy for any custom work! I did some yesterday, in fact 🙂

Graphics Sale!

Right now there’s a big sale on graphics…not just graphics, but custom graphics! Included in this sale are Facebook timeline covers, Twitter backgrounds, and icons/avatars. All of these are done to your specifications, and, as always, nothing is finished until it has your approval.

Facebook covers are often just pictures people have put up, which may or may not be resized to really enhance the appearance. While that’s awesome, a custom cover means you can really add some personality! Your favorite song lyrics, pets, a family collage, your artwork and so many other things can immediately make your timeline entirely yours.

For businesses, and other pages, keeping your logo and “brand” consistent on Facebook is professional, and takes your page to the next level by emphasizing your digital presence.

The same applies to both Twitter backgrounds and avatars or icons to be used sites, such as blogs, Etsy, and Ebay. If it’s your personal account, why not make it personal? If it’s your business account, keep everything consistent to remind customers who you are and what you do. Avatars/icons can be difficult for the average person to create, especially without the right software, because of the size constraints. Often they are cropped oddly when uploaded, or pixelated…you don’t want that!

Until Sunday, July 22nd these are all greatly discounted! By the 22nd I mean that the sale lasts until 12:01 pm Monday, July 23rd central time. Any orders received by then will be priced on sale.

Check out the pricing below! All prices in USD.

Facebook Covers

  • Simple covers (text only, business style)-$2.00
  • Complex covers (collages etc)-$5.00

Twitter Backgrounds

  • Simple background consisting of text or logo and one background image-$10.00
  • Complex backgrounds consisting of heavy graphic work -$15.00


  • All icons and avatars, due to the limited graphic ability, are $1.00

All of these prices are cut in half, at least, so I encourage you to get an order in soon!

Please note the following: I will not make graphics which are not in agreement to web site policies, you don’t really want to have them pulled or anything anyway. I will help you install Facebook covers and Twitter backgrounds if you need it, as well as provide you with matching color codes for links to compliment your design. Twitter is a strange thing; in the last year they’ve made it nearly impossible to fit anything substantial in the left column where it can be easily seen. Every now and then I do have to upload the image to test it, view it, and resize that section. Since this isn’t your fault, or mine actually, it’s no charge…I know it’s annoying. Luckily, the Twitter boxes are now quite opaque, allowing for easy viewing of the full text or graphics when scrolling. My pages are all good examples of how that works, so I’ve included shots of this! I have linked all images back to the originals, so that you may click them for a larger view.

Facebook Cover Examples:

FBC Drawings

Facebook cover with the artist’s drawings featured.

FBC Art Installed

The cover design in application.


Facebook cover done for a fan of the series Hollow Crown.

FBC HC applied

The Hollow Crown cover applied.


A cover design for a birthday.


The birthday timeline actually applied to Facebook.

Twitter Background Examples: 

Loki TB

The full design of a Twitter background for a serious Tom Hiddleson/ Loki fan.

The Loki background for Twitter applied-what you see without scrolling. Note that the text on the right is ONLY viewable at certain screen resolutions! I include it just in case.

The same background, but the view you get when you scroll down.

My personal Twitter (which is linked to it, so that you may see it at full scale if you wish) featuring a photo from the French Quater and my many links.

Apparently, I neglected to get a shot of my own page on the opening view! Sorry! This is what you see when you scroll down though, I think you get the point by now 😉 it is also linked.

For more Twitter and Facebook examples, you can always check out the Fenris Fiasco Designs Facebook or Twitter!

Icon/Avatar Examples:

This avatar was designed for use on a specific forum (dealing with fish of course). It does not have the tag on it in the actual icon.

This icon was made specifically for use in Yahoo Messenger.

You can easily see other icon examples anywhere Fenris Fiasco Designs happens to be!

Have questions? Please do let me know! I love answering questions.

Etsy Shop Graphic Sets

exotic blue

Banners and avatars from the Exotic Blue vintage style set.

I’m not sure why I didn’t do this sooner! I released the first two graphic sets for use in Etsy today, and plan to do many more. I think I didn’t do this sooner because I really love to work with clients on their graphics, but I know that I often get the response to do what I think is best anyway…so I did!

Deciding on your shop’s graphic representation can be challenging for a lot of shop owners, as well as web site owners, who are not really into graphics. Many people simply don’t have the tools at their disposal to make a banner, or an avatar to be seen around the site.

More still haven’t had the experience or guidance to know what makes a good banner, for example. Unfortunately, I see a lot of people selling graphics who are not doing their buyers any favors. This is certainly not intentional, and a lot of these graphics have obviously taken a lot of time, effort, and love. However, the single worst thing you can do is to have graphics that are so busy that they detract attention from the actual shop items. The best outcome you will get from a four + color, scenic depiction style set of graphics is an overall look of being unprofessional, disorganized, and too busy yourself.

Read More…

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